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I am a visual artist whose work combines experimental book arts, graphic design, and conceptual narratives. I earned my MFA degree in Visual Arts at Purchase College in 2002 after having worked for many years as a freelance designer and digital consultant for CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY. I joined the faculty at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 2007 where I teach digital art, graphic print design, and book arts.

I have had a wide range of life experiences that informs my work and teaching philosophy. My past teaching experience includes Southeastern Louisiana University, Purchase College, and Manhattanville College. Along with a national exhibition record, I have been the recipient of numerous artist residencies, grants, and awards.


The concepts of memory and truth - what is hidden and what is revealed - is central in my work. Through the use of family photos, story telling, and graphic diagramming, I create visual narratives that are based on recollections of personal experiences and events. Memories and thoughts are recontextualized into diagrams and visual constructions that uncover patterns and paths and hidden infrastructures of chance and choice. These constructions expose connections that offer insight in a never ending search for meaning.

I use accepted models of truth - such as maps, time lines, and scientific displays - to explore the dichotomy between truth and fiction. I focus on subjective, emotional events and experiences and challenge what we believe is real in order to purposefully uncover uncertainty and doubt. My work questions choices and recurring patterns and trends - much like a scientific laboratory experiment determines facts from observation. What I hope to reveal is not an ultimate truth, but a deeper understanding of the way we accept our own fields of memory by exposing and strengthening the connections we have within ourselves and with each other.



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